The attorneys at Dunn and Dunn provide counsel and representation to health care professionals and institutions throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island, representing both the personal and professional interests of their clients prior to and during all stages of litigation.

Our Client Reviews

In today’s high-stakes litigation environment, it’s more important than ever to hire an aggressive and competent law firm. Dunn & Dunn Group fights

  • I hope I never have to retain an attorney for personal estate again, but were it necessary, I'd hire Dawn in a heartbeat. Dunn & Dunn that good.

    Eva V. Boston NY
  • Dunn & Dunn responded to my inquiry very quickly. they does not practice the kind of law I needed help with, but I was pleasantly surprised that she offered to help me find an attorney who does

    Morgan K. Boston NY
  • The Dunn & Dunn helped me with some legal matters. They were professional and quick to negotiate a fair settlement in my favor.

    Tanya S. Boston NY

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    Dunn & Dunn have Expert Attorneys they handle any type of case related to Criminal, Long term care cases.

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